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Salt+Soul is committed to serving others by partnering with charities around the world, donating 100% of the profits from our Salt+Soul brand tees. We invite our customers to choose from our list of charity partners when purchasing a Salt+Soul tee that they would like their donation to go directly to. Our goal is to make a difference by providing resources to these nonprofit organizations that are currently making a difference in their specialty of work -- including but not limited to: people, medicine, animals, etc.  

If you, our valued customers, are a part of or know of a deserving organization that would benefit from Salt+Soul's Charity Partnership Program, we would love to hear from you. Contact us directly at Together, you and Salt+Soul can make a difference in the lives of many. 

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Hope for MSA

Hope For MSA is a student organization at the University of Georgia whose mission is to raise support & awareness for Multiple System Atrophy, a rare, neurodegenerative disorder. All funds raised will go directly to our parent organization, the MSA Coalition, who provides patient & caregiver support, education for physicians & healthcare providers, and funds for MSA research. 

Salt + Soul begins its partnership with MSA at the University of Georgia by donating the profits from Salt + Soul branded tees sold to their mission. Join us in helping fight MSA!

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Simone’s kids

Simone’s Kids is a for-purpose organization that serves the underprivileged children of the world. Established in 2010, Simone's Kids aims to open the minds and hearts of children who have been handed nothing in life. By providing for their needs, Simone’s Kids show them that the world is an opportunity instead of an obstacle. Their mission is to save children from the devastating effects of poverty. Simone's Kids first priority is to serve orphans in the community of Uganda. The organization was founded on the belief that they are driven and destined to care for these children. They also reach out to children who come from families that have no substantial source of income, and believe that they can help these children escape the vicious circle of poverty.

Simone’s Kids takes care of orphaned and poverty stricken children that are unable to afford an education, but desire to excel in life. They individually sponsor children through their Primary and Secondary School. For many kids around the world, the future is unclear. Children who grow up without basic needs have little hope. Without hope, these children are left with no future. The way children grow and develop today will heavily impact the future of our world. Hundreds of thousands of children in Uganda face this reality.

  • Education - A proper education provides children with the foundation necessary to bring hope and change to their environment, but few Ugandan orphans have this opportunity.

  • Nutrition - Hunger makes learning difficult if not impossible, and many orphans in Uganda do not know when they will get to eat again.

  • Housing - Safety and security are basic needs many of us take for granted, but they are too often a luxury for orphans in Uganda.

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