What is Morgan up to?

by Morgan Harrison

Goal setting is a big part of my life. My boyfriend and I have gotten into this system of setting monthly goals, and it has changed my life. I am sure that I’ve gotten more done in the past four months than I did in all of 2018!

It’s super easy. I keep a journal and on the first of every month we sit down and discuss what we want to accomplish in thirty days. It is so helpful to set goals with someone close to you because they can offer an outside perspective, inspiration, and most of all support. For the month of March my goals are:

  • To read “The Richest Man in Babylon”

  • To save $150 toward my trip to NYC

  • To drink only water and hot tea

They’re very simple, but they’ll have a huge impact on my life if I stick with them. Maybe you want to be vegan, or lose 10 pounds or learn to play piano just use small monthly goals to help you ease into your dream life.  

If you try this out leave some comments! I’d love to hear about your progress, and help with you goal setting journey!(:


“My name is Morgan, but you can call me Mo. I am a writer, a student, a lover of fashion and style, an athlete, and a regular girl working on becoming an extraordinary woman.”

Alex Brown